We direct the boxes in the right direction where to use furniture

Drawers are very convenient to use. They are used in kitchen sets, bedrooms, children’s cabinets and hallways. The width, depth and length of the boxes can be the most diverse and be selected individually. Thanks to modern production, more and more people use the possibility of manufacturing furniture on an individual order. Thus, everyone can order a box of the depth, width and length he needs.

Homemade craftsmen can also make a cabinet with drawers that meets individual tastes and needs. Roller or ball guides are free, so that everyone can take advantage of the opportunity to make any piece of furniture as functional and convenient for themselves.

For those who prefer to use linear guides Kyiv and other large cities open the doors of numerous household and construction stores with a huge assortment. The length, material and mechanism of guides for drawers can be easily selected at the request of the buyer. Nevertheless, certain restrictions exist, therefore, before starting work on the manufacture of boxes, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the parameters of related accessories available for purchase.

Different types of guides have different parameters of weight, noise, strength and wear resistance. Someone prefers the noiselessness of the mechanism, someone appreciates the ability to withstand the great weight of the contents, there are those for whom the most important parameter is smooth work.

Modern engineering solutions allow retractable boxes to open and close without the use of furniture handles, but only by light pressing. The ease of installation and operation only indicates that everything is brilliant – just.

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