Clothing for the summer what kind of tips and rules to buy

Correctly selected summer clothes from Japan will help you double the pleasure of summer sunny days. In the summer wardrobe, women should have clothes for a picnic, a romantic date, walks with friends and traveling somewhere.

Skirts, shorts, T -shirts and T -shirts – this is the basis of the wardrobe for the summer period, you can purchase all this diversity without leaving home. Shorms from jeans with fringe – hit of this summer. During the day, put them on your bare legs, and with cool evenings – on tights that can be multi -colored, with or without patterns. Moreover, the shorter the shorts, the better, also in fashion shorts from other materials, for example, silk.

T -shirts and shirts buy any, with embroidery, with a print or plain. Do not be afraid to put a T -shirt on a T -shirt – this is also in fashion. The skirt can be absolutely any.

Overalls and dresses allow you not to rack your head over how to combine the bottom and top. This is the perfect clothing for the summer, you just need to supplement it with accessories that will help make the image a romantic, elegant or business. At the peak of popularity today there are overalls made of chiffon, silk or thin jeans.

In the summer, leave elegant high-heeled shoes in the closet and choose something more convenient, for example, “gladiatorial sandals”. Sneakers are always relevant if you are confused in variety, choose “conversions”.

Sandals on the platform will make any fan of comfort more feminine. Ballets are also universal, but the legs can get tired of them due to a completely flat sole.

In the summer, choose white jeans and combine them with the same white top. The jeans of your young man are suitable for those who love light style. Put them on with any shoes and with any wardrobe items. Narrow jeans and sweatshirts made of flowing light material is a good choice as a summer option.

In the summer, choose pink, classic white and mint color.

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