Laser hair removal – a modern way of hair removal

Today, one of the most popular hair removal methods is laser hair removal. With the help of this procedure, you can forever get rid of unwanted hair, since the laser not only destroys the hair itself, but also the hair follicle. Modern beauty salons offer four laser hair removal systems: diode, neodymium, alexandrite and ruby. They differ from each other by the source of obtaining a beam, by the length of the wave of light, by the method of cooling the skin, by the duration of the pulse.

The epilation procedure using a laser is inherently unique, it involves the conversion of laser energy into thermal and passing its hair rod into a hair follicle, thanks to this, follicle and hair are destroyed without damage to the skin. During this procedure, the skin heats up and quickly cools. It is worth remembering that in the first procedure the hair is not completely removed, but only those that were visible, so several procedures should be carried out to obtain a greater effect. In addition to cosmetic necessity, laser hair removal can be prescribed in the event of allergic reactions associated with increased hair growth and in the case of excessive hair.

Before the laser hair removal procedure, a dermatologist’s consultation is necessary, which should determine the effective laser parameters suitable for your skin, structure and hair color, it should also analyze your health status in order to avoid possible allergic reactions, skin irritation and make the removal procedure as efficient as possible. In the process of laser operation, you can feel heat and a small tingling, to hair sensitive skin before starting the procedure, an anesthetic cream is applied. The procedure lasts up to 50 minutes, depending on the complexity and area of ​​the skin area.

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