How to cover the floor in the rooms of a variety of materials

Today we are offered just a huge selection of flooring. You can buy Russian carpets or give preference to a laminate, as well as a floor covering a good option seems to be a carpet. Let’s look at these flooring options.

Laminate is a fairly popular floor covering. It looks pretty beautiful and environmentally friendly. But behind the laminate floor, special careful care is required. Such a coating is extremely capricious and does not tolerate rudeness and improper care.

Carpet is a universal coating. This is perhaps the most economical and convenient floor warmth in terms. The carpet is suitable for any room except the bathroom, and, perhaps, the kitchen area. It is easy to care for the carpet, just a powerful vacuum cleaner and wet cleaning with a special brush is enough for him. Also, the carpet coating is inexpensive. Carpet also has a plus that if it has deteriorated in one place, it is easy to add. Due to the vile surface, the place of addition will not be so striking.

Linoleum has its advantages. This is an inexpensive coating. You can choose any to your taste option for the coloring of such a coating. Linoleum easily lends itself to both moist and dry cleaning. It is with a variant of insulation from below. The floor covered with such linoleum will be warm. However, the minus is that a damaged piece of linoleum cannot be invisibly replaced.

For bathrooms and kitchen areas, it is recommended to cover the floor with tiles. There is constant humidity in the bathroom, which will quickly ruin any coating except the tile. And the kitchen area lends itself to a greater load than the rest of the house, so the tile is recommended. The tile itself is very hardy and durable as a floor covering.

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