About the types of laminate, distinguishing features of advantages and disadvantages

If you translate the word “laminate” from English, it turns out “multi -layer coating”. Indeed, this coating consists of several layers. But the laminate for the use and technology of manufacturing differs among themselves.

The upper layer of any laminate is protective and it is made of special polymers that can maintain its decorative appearance for a long time. And it is the second layer of laminate that is decorative. Next, there is a fiberboard that serves as the basis. Under it, a layer consisting of craft paper.

Laminate is divided into several types. There are such species as a traditional surface, glossy surface, natural surface, texture surface, “waxed”, in the style of country, as well as “wood under oil”.

Each of these coatings is in its interesting. Traditional coating in structure close to wood, covered with silky varnish. Such a laminate has a flat surface and quite brilliant.

Also the natural surface does not differ at all from the usual one, but such a coating is better. Outwardly, this type of laminate is very similar to parquet. It also has a smooth surface.

Silky or glossy surface resembles a wood -coated wood. Such a laminate shimmers and shines, has no pores and resembles woody material.

The waxing surface is similar to a natural tree, carefully treated with wax. The texture laminate is very similar to the parquet, thanks to the synchronism of the pores and the sequence of the picture. As for the “Wood under the Oil” coating, this type of laminate is a trip to the wood, which was saturated with oil, with a flat and very smooth surface, but without brilliance.

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