Female poker what it is the features of the game process

The days pass when a woman at the gambling table was perceived exclusively as a decoration of the tour, but not as a serious opponent. For many centuries, bold young ladies have mastered the basics of the game. Let us recall, for example, Maria – Antoinette, who idolized the cards all her life, and, they say, even grabbed a battered deck into prison. And the famous Ellis Poker … It’s hard to say now, the young lady of the Texan poker or classic preferred. But the fact remains, the girl won the name on this game. Although, undoubtedly, the most romantic and inspiring example can be found on the pages of Roman Margaret Mitchell “Savered by the Wind”. By the way, the author itself, sometimes dedicated evenings to the green cloth.

What can we say about modern ladies. All the famous Linda Johson, Annttte Obrestad, Svetlana Gromenkova and many others. They obeyed the rules of the poker Texas Holdem, Omaha, Herds … Maybe it’s time for us to try?

If you and your friends have not quite dealt with the rules, enough, for starters, to allocate very little time for training. Poker information is enough.

You can play both in a team of close friends, and with representatives of the strong half of humanity in special clubs or Internet communities. By the way, there are even special women’s leagues.

So let’s start?

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