Cabinet on the balcony advantages of the organization of space

Modern balconies have long ceased to be a place of accumulation of home trash and seasonal sports equipment. Designers represent a lot of options for using the balcony space. Recently, more and more people prefer to transfer the working area to the balcony.

The organization of the cabinet on the balcony has several advantages:

Privacy. You can not dismantle the balcony block or do it partially (leaving the wall-outlet as a partition). In this case, the balcony niche is a kind of “secluded corner” for lovers of silence and peace. It is especially important to buy an office for people whose work is associated with a PC or other creative, requiring concentration and solitude of activity.

Everything is at hand. Small dimensions of the balcony make it sophisticated when organizing a workplace: a small desktop in the end, floor or hinged rack around the perimeter or hinged shelves directly above the table and even a compact cabinet opposite the workplace. Today, furniture is available to everyone, there is a mass and it all depends on the needs and specifics of work.

A large amount of light. Balcony glasses perfectly pass daylight and summer warm sun. If the creation of a more darkened atmosphere is required, then blinds come to the rescue.

When organizing an office on the balcony, it is worth remembering the safety rules: the redevelopment should be agreed in BTI, it is forbidden to conduct central heating and gas for the balcony, you need to know the carrying capacity of balcony plates and correctly distribute the total weight of repair materials and furniture.

In the end, I wanted to note that the balcony room should be well insulated so that the cabinet on the balcony does not turn into a summer veranda and winter frosts do not become an obstacle to beneficial workdays.

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