Types of snow removal machines Advantages of use

With the advent of winter and snow loss, many owners of private houses and cottages begin to think about where to buy a snowman and what characteristics it should have. To begin with, the snowplower machine is a self -propelled device on wheels or tracks, which, using a working screw, supplies snow in a given direction.

Modern snowpock machines can be classified according to several signs. By the method of movement, snowball players can be self -propelled and non -self -propelled. Non -self -propelled machines, as a rule, are equipped with a low -power engine (up to 5 horsepower) and can discard snow at a distance of 5 meters. For snow cleaning, such a device must be pushed in front of you, most often, they are used to harvest loose snow in private areas. Self -propelled snow -offers are equipped with a more powerful engine and discard snow at a distance of 15 meters, they move on their own, they only need to set the right directions, holding special handles. With the help of such machines, you can remove large snowdrifts, coded and even icy snow.

By the method of movement, snowploring machines can be wheelchair and caterpillar. Caterpillar machines are better adhes to the surface, so it is more convenient to use them on areas with uneven relief. In turn, snow -offers on wheels are more maneuverable and are easier to control.

By type of engine, snowbrushes are gasoline and electric. Electric machines are cheaper, but have less power compared to gasoline drive machines. In addition, a constant power source is required for the operation of such a machine. Gasoline snowpock machines have high power and are able to remove even more snow blocks.

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