Beautiful and well -groomed body at home

A beautiful body is part of your beauty.

It’s no secret that any part of the body is needed careful care. It is not necessary to buy up, many different jars, but you can put your body in order at home.

“They not only drink coffee, but also used as a body scrub”

At home, you can even make a body scrub with your own hands, you need to have only a few things at hand, namely:

• Your favorite shower gel

• Coffee

Take the gel and add coffee there, 100 ml of gel needs two teaspoons of coffee and all your scrub is ready. But you need to remember that such a scrub needs to be used only 2-3 times a week. Apply scrub with massage movements through the body, avoid those parts of the body on which there are any wounds. Hold the scrub on the body for two minutes, and then rinse with almost cold water. После душа если есть, необходимость нанесите, на тело крем.

“Do not try the body after the shower with a towel, but bring the oil”.

After you got out of the shower, do not wipe with a towel, and shake the drops from the body take body oil (preferably more natural) and start rubbing the oil directly onto the wet body. Especially pay attention to your problem areas.

If you begin to observe all these rules, you will have a beautiful body.

“Movement is life”.

And, of course, so that there is no fat deposit on your body, you need to move more, play sports and most importantly to do it regularly.

If you want a beautiful body, then you need to adhere to these rules, then your problem areas of the body will disappear, and you will be satisfied with yourself.

Beauty is mainly in the skin of the face and body, so these parts of the body need special care, remember this!

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