What will be worn in the summer of 2020. Close selection criteria

Knitted dresses are gaining more and more popularity among exquisite fashionistas. The reason for this is obvious: they allow you to use the most diverse cut, successfully emphasize the figure, practical and inexpensive.

The summer season of 2020 has become an excess of confirmation of what was said. Fashion shows show young ladies to feminine sets for all occasions: for office, walks, evening events.

Before purchasing knitted dresses in bulk or retail, let’s look at the most attractive styles of the coming summer.

Stylists recommend paying attention to clothes, with a deep semicircular neckline. A feature of the season will be models with one strap that leaves a free shoulder. A variety of belts will be popular: wide leather, with all kinds of fasteners in a romantic or, conversely, strict style. You can wear belts traditionally, at the waist or on the hips.

Regarding the colors, designers did not come to a consensus. Bright plain dresses and familiar floral prints continue to dominate the shows, in the style of vintage. In addition, obviously, they will take a worthy place in the wardrobes of fashionistas and a strip of contrasting shades.

The texture of knitwear allows you to use the most non -standard solutions in cover, which they did not fail to use the couturier. Pay attention to the models with the drapery near the bodice, free dresses in the style of “bat” and, of course, fitted silhouettes, rough knitting. Asymmetric solutions with a beveled cut are especially interesting, attracting views to the figure.

Accessories for knitwear should be selected based on the features of the fabric and the purpose of the costume. But, in general, silk jewelry, all kinds of clutches, floral brooches are well combined with sets.

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