The history of the appearance of a female handbag how the accessory created

It is hard to imagine that once the female handbag did not exist. Many women probably gasp with amazement! “How is it, once this necessary accessory, like a bag, was not?”.

The history of the appearance of a female bag begins with ancient Rome. Then Roman girls also possessed things, which were difficult to do without. However, at that time the handbag was a small bundle, which only slaves wore – their housewives tried not to burden themselves. Bags or bundles were tied to a skirt – they usually hid coins there when they went to the market for purchases. But the times began to change, the slaves left, and the handbags remained in fashion.

After several centuries, the attitude to this accessory has changed. Rich nobles and even courtiers began to compete in the beauty of their bags, decorate them with natural stones and gold. It was believed that the lady whose bag looks more expensive and luxurious is richer. Alas, such bags were not suitable for, as today, to wear everything necessary in them – a wallet, a bunch of keys, a mobile phone and even a grocery set from the store, they were only a way to express their welfare.

In 1790, bags appeared in modern form. This happened during the appearance of a fashion called “Empire”. At the same time, the popularity of such bags increased every day, and soon it began to be considered a bad tone-to appear somewhere without a “real”.

Now the women’s bag is also an integral element of any women’s costume. There are bags for “light”, sports bags, bags for everyday life, without which no woman can do without.

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