Sunscreen cosmetics for tanning in the sun

Sunscreen cosmetics are creams, lotions that protect your skin from tanning or vice versa contribute to it. The main function is protection against burns and harmful sunlight.

Most people love to rest, stretching under the sun on the sandy shore. So that the skin has acquired a dark -skinned color, you need not so much time. And who does not want a body with a beautiful chocolate shade? Still, the tan is fraught with serious consequences. At least once in a lifetime, but everyone managed to burn, getting a thermal burn. In other words, high temperature, itching throughout the body, sleepless nights are provided to you. And a little later the skin begins to slide unpleasantly, forcing to completely hide under the clothes. Even in spite of these unpleasant factors, can you abandon the summer sun? Of course not.

To help you sunscreen. There are several criteria by which the choice of cosmetics for the sun should be made. The most important thing is the size of the SPF sunscreen factor. It shows how much irradiation is reduced when using one of the type of means. SPF range ranges from 2 to 50 units. 2-6 is basic protection. 8-12-medium. 15-25-high. 50 and above-blocker.

If you belong to the type of people who have a light European tone of the skin, then it is worth acquiring sunscreen with protection against also, children and adolescents include this type, since melanin is still released in the body. This substance can protect against harmful sunlight. Even if your skin belongs to a normal type, it is worth starting with stronger sunscreens. And then gradually switch to weak.

Zar is beautiful. And so that your tanner is so long, without consequences, protect your skin with sunscreen cosmetics. The result will not be long in coming.

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