Materials for women’s coats varieties and advantages

One of the most popular wardrobe items is a female coat. It is it that allows many female representatives to look advantageous in cold weather. The coat is much more attractive, jackets and down jackets, because it is more elegant, feminine and sophisticated.

The most expensive coat is made of cashmere. This material perfectly retains heat, considerable and pleasant to the touch, however, with constant wear after a while in places where the fabric often flushes against each other, spools are formed. The tweed canvas has an unusual texture of the “Christmas tree”, this material also has a number of advantages. Firstly, this material, like a cashmere, saves heat, because it is a woolen fabric. Secondly, the sun’s rays will not become a threat, this material does not burn out. However, along with a coat of twead fabric, it is immediately necessary to purchase a remedy against moths. Another type of fabric from which a coat is made is velor. This is a very pleasant to the touch material that has one drawback: the fabric will be pulled out with a long wear. Bookla has a very unusual texture. This fabric consists mainly of knots and loops. It is very dense, warm, but when wearing it is necessary to be very careful, because with the slightest puff, the knot can stretch out, and the coat is losing a decomed appearance. Rogozhka is the most dense, but also rough fabric from the above materials. Of course, she is warm, but tactile sensations of joy can bring little.

It is also important to consider that even a winter coat cannot be worn in severe frosts, because, despite the fact that it is made of natural fabrics, or with the addition of such, serious frosts, such a thing will not withstand such a thing.

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