What dress do you wear a definition of a character by clothes

All girls just love to dress in various dresses. For each season they choose the right textiles, style and length. Thus, in the summer on the streets of any city you can find girls in short skirts, in the fall – in midi dresses, and in winter some give preferences to elegant maxi.

Dresses are an integral part of the life of any beauty, regardless of her age, physique, as well as characteristics.

And what dress is suitable for you?

Do you know that the dress can be selected not only under the color of the eyes, hair or varnish on the nails, but also by nature?

For example:

Passionate women choose red and predatory prints;

Hysteroid (not to be confused with hysterical) dress up in color, perfect coloring for them-such as “tear the eyes”;

A conservative woman will never give up black, gray and brown, a dress, as a rule, midi and without extra frills;

Serve flower patterns and pastel shades with romantic naturals;

Rebels choose a glamorous style or punk style.

And this is only the beginning! That, for example, we can say about the lady who chooses geometry on the dress? And the fact that she believes that her opinion is the most correct! The same can be said about a girl in a blue dress – her word is always a law. Self -sufficient beauties wear black and white, bold girls dress red, and creative – yellow and orange. So simple and unpretentiously can characterize a woman, just looking at her dress.

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