Beat bucks is a profitable thing what means this expression

Paradoxes surround us everywhere. Everyone knows the phrase “beat the bucks”, which means “to be idle, spend time in vain”. However, few people know that this is a rather troublesome and time -consuming procedure.

“Bucklush” is a wooden blank for a spoon. Spoon The thing is incredibly necessary and indispensable. A spoon can be replaced, but a spoon is a fork – no. It turns out that manufacturing – beat – bucks is not at all a useless activity.

Metal spoons have long replaced wooden sisters, but with the development of tourism, wooden spoons continue their life as a very popular souvenir (which, by the way, can be used for their intended purpose). At first, individual individuals, and then entire woodworking enterprises began to successfully develop business in the manufacture of wooden dishes. Environmental safety of the material allowed dishes, bowls and tubs not only to dust the glass, but to fully take part in a feast life.

Zhustovskaya, Khokhlomskaya, Polkhov-Maidanskaya and, of course, Gorodetskaya, wood painting techniques are a world-known decoration of any dishes. And not only wooden, but also ceramic. Modern types of varnish coatings allow not only to decorate such dishes of the interior, but also actively use it. Tablespoons and fruit are literally swing from the shelves of souvenir stores by the next batch of tourists, because foreigners like no other value manual labor. Yes, and lovers of registration of suburban dwellings in a provincial manner will focus the choice of village theme with bright wooden utensils.

Intricate patterns and bright colors become a stylish highlight, pleasant to the eye. In addition, such dishes invariably cheer up, and gives the feeling of a holiday, a celebration of color, a holiday of life.

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