Methods of epilation recommendations on the use of funds

For every woman today, the topic of hair removal is relevant. All kinds of types and ways to get rid of excess hair on the body exist many. You can make laser hair removal, photoepilation, wax, sugar. These are the main types of epilation, which will be written in more detail below.

• Laser hair removal. Laser can remove excess hair on the body for almost a lifetime. To do this, you will need to take a few courses of such hair removal. However, there is a risk that excess hair may return, provided that the hormonal background is changed in the body. Plus: efficiency, removes even the smallest hairs, painlessness. Minus: the duration of the procedures, high cost.

• photoepilation. In all respects resembles a laser, the effect is completely the same. Plus: a small number of procedures, effective getting rid of the hair on the body along with the root. Minus: the possibility of resumption of partial hair growth with a change in the hormonal background in the body, painful sensations.

• Waxing. This is a fairly simple and fast way to get rid of excess vegetation. With the help of hot or cold wax, the hairs pull out with the root. Plus: quickly, effectively, relieves hair for three to four weeks. Minus: painful, the need to grow hair five millimeters long, the risk of ingrown hair after hair removal.

• Sugar hair removal or shugaring. This is a rather popular type of hair removal, sugar hair removal is effective and fast. Plus: no need to grow too long hair, sugar takes even the shortest, relieves vegetation for three to four weeks, there are no ingrown hair. Minus: it is almost impossible to spend outside the passenger compartment, painful sensations, does not work on hard hair.

These are the main types of hair removal, which are most popular among the fair sex.

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