Folk method of hair care recommendations

One of the most important criteria for the modern beauty of girls is beautiful hair. How many women would give for the opportunity to have long, beautiful, brilliant, well -groomed hair.

Many cosmetic companies take into account their desires, creating a huge number of special shampoos, balms and other drugs that allow you to care for the hair.

Folk methods of hair care

Due to the increased and constantly rising price for such funds, it may seem that hair care is a rather expensive process. However, in fact, everything is far from the case! It turns out that most of the known brands use exclusively natural components in formulas available to everyone!

A great assistant in hair care is folk methods. Based only on substances of natural origin, they, sometimes, are much more effective than specialized, expensive drugs.

The advantage of folk methods of hair care is:

Effective result;

Often treatment occurs absolutely free;

The possibility of independent selection of the applied ingredients.

One of the most common methods of care procedures according to the foundations of traditional medicine is the head of the head with egg yolk and hair rinsing with vinegar solution (⅓ vinegar – ⅔ water). There is another interesting method – add a little garlic to the egg yolks – this strengthens the roots of the hair and prevents the formation of dandruff. However, the latter can be used when you are not afraid of the garlic smell of hair, which will accompany you for at least a week.

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