Manicure for a little fashionista how to do it with your own hands

If a young princess grows in the house, then, sooner or later, the parents of a gentle creation are faced with the question at what age to allow the child to use cosmetics, perfumes and nail polishes. Some prefer to develop femininity in a baby from a very young age, others believe that it is better to wait a bit.

Be that as it may, and a special manicure for girls is gaining more and more popularity. Let’s take a look at its pros and cons of it.

First of all, nail care teaches the baby to follow the appearance, forms self -confidence and a sense of style. Manicure, willy-nilly, accustoms to discipline. On the other hand, improper use of varnishes can damage health. Children’s manicure has its own characteristics that you need to know.

So, if your baby asks her to paint her nails, you can go to a special salon or carry out the procedure on your own. To do this, you need to perform the following stages:

Process the hands of the baby and your own antiseptic.

Unlike adult manicure, the child needs to cut the nails very short.

Remove the burrs with manicure scissors.

With a soft file, carefully walk along the edge of the nail. Grind the entire surface – you can’t.

The cuticle in girls is not removed at all, or, with strong necessity, pushed back with a wooden stick after using a softening agent.

Apply a special children’s varnish on water -based.

If desired, complement the picture with sparkles, special stickers, pattern.

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