How to choose furniture for a cafe to what to look for

When a person opens his own business in the provision of entertainment services, such as a restaurant or bar, he is faced with the problem of interior design, when he selects furniture for restaurants.

This will be a completely new place or acquired institution, furniture is one of the factors to save old customers or attract new.

At first, marketing research should be carried out. Such a loud name is awarded to ordinary intelligence. The owner of the institution needs to conduct competitiveness, for this he must know all the nearest competitors very well. It depends on how much money the owner is ready to invest in his institution in order to go around their competitors on the design of the premises.

Stascibly furniture for restaurants is divided into three types:

Economy class.

Simple furniture, made in a modern style, is distinguished by convenience and practicality, does not differ in original design and forms. With all this, it looks pretty solid.

Middle class.

Such furniture is used in a middle -level cafe. It is mainly made in high-tech style, made of chrome metal, high-strength plastic and solid leather or leatherette. Models have a variety of forms and colors, as well as elements of artistic decor.

Business Class.

Exclusive furniture made to order for individual projects. When planning such furniture, the main thing is not to overdo it with luxury, making it completely impractical.

Special attention must be paid to the bar. She is the “face” of the institution and creates the whole mood in the hall. The bar for the bar consists of three parts: the stand itself, the wall block and the visor. These elements can be made of a variety of options: wood, stone, plastic, metal. But all these parts must be a single composition.

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