Important trifles of safety what you should know

If you have even completely reliable metal doors repair and replacement of the locks may come in handy. Since it is necessary to change locks periodically, especially in cases where the keys to the doors were lost.

In order not to become a victim of fraudsters, it is necessary to follow the simple safety rules.

When leaving home for a long time, ask good friends to periodically look after your dwelling. Leave the light or radio in one of the rooms, this can scare away the attackers. It would also be a good option in the house to put a camera in the house, which will write down everything that happens in your absence.

If you periodically call your apartment and hang the phone, then this should be alert, as the apartment can be called, and it is better to contact the police after they received several such calls.

Do not skimp on a good alarm, especially if there are many valuable things in your home. In this case, it is better to put the house for a special security service, it is not as expensive in cost as becoming a victim of attackers.

Do not invite strangers to the house. Remember, your home is your fortress, and you can only invite people there in which you can be one hundred percent confident.

No need to spread in unfamiliar companies about what is specifically stored in your home, this can greatly provoke some people.

When leaving the house, be sure to close the windows tightly, even if you live on the high floor, for experienced scammers, it will not be difficult to penetrate the open window.

It is advisable to store valuable things in a fireproof cabinet, which in turn can be well disguised in any further part of the house.

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