Well -groomed hands what do you need to know the recommendations of a cosmetologist

A woman should attach her hands as special as much as the choice of her clothes. It is by hand that you can determine the age and degree of wellness of a woman. Nail design 2014, offers representatives of the fair sex this year the most diverse and bold options for manicure.

This year, the extended nails completely went out of fashion, this is already considered the past century. Today, the trend is its nails, short -cut and neatly filled.

The colors this year are very different, starting from pastel, beige and ending with bright acid tones.

Today it is quite popular to apply gel polish on nails. This is a special varnish that covers the nail plate with an even layer, while maintaining its original shine for a long time. Gel polish is ideal for a bright summer manicure, with it your nails will remain beautiful and well-groomed for a long time, as after visiting the beauty salon.

There is another important plus in the gel polish, it has a positive, therapeutic effect on the nail plate, many women were surprised how the quality of nails increased after the use of gel polish at least two or three times.

However, in addition to a beautiful manicure, well -groomed skin on the hands is also important. Do not neglect the use of nutrient creams and special oils. Protect your hands in a lot of various environmental influences. The dishes should be washed in special gloves, so you will not get a harmful effect on the skin of your hands from the detergent. Do not work in the garden with your bare hands, from this your skin can boil and cover with corns. Woman’s hands, this is her business card, just like a smile.

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