Wedding fashion what it is

Wedding is the most significant and memorable event in the life of any girl. And of course everyone dreams of being the most charming, beautiful, unlike the rest on this day. Wedding dresses is easy to buy. It is much more difficult to choose an outfit that would not only emphasize the individuality of the bride, display its inner world, impressed the guests, but also represented the latest trends in the world of design.

When planning a celebration, it is very useful to visit the traditional wedding fashion week in Spain, or the so -called wedding bazaar. Well, if you do not have such an opportunity, it is easy to use our announcement.

The most fashionable stylists from Barcelona from all over the world will be, this season, dresses with a cut along the length of the skirt. How tempting the legs of the bride look like for a second seemed among the lace, thanks to a light breeze. This trend is most harmonious with dresses of Greek cut, as well as a style of a fish or a mermaid.

The second birth is experienced by flowers from tulle, silk and ribbons decorated with beads or rhinestones. The accessory can be very small, or, conversely, close half the bodice. It all depends on your imagination.

This season is very popular translucent straps of lace or chiffon. A separate place is occupied by models with open shoulders, held by traditional corsets, tightly wrapping around the waist. Thanks to the first lady of America in fashion, asymmetric forms of the bodice, with one bare shoulder.

The most unexpected contrast of flowers in the bride’s robe this season. For example, a black rim of individual elements of a snow -white dress or a dark accessory.

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