What is an ironing system

Every mistress who is familiar with the iron, needs a high -quality ironing system. It is a iron, steam generator and ironing board collected in a single set. All this is designed to ensure the best quality of ironing things without losing their quality and appearance. In particular, this installation is necessary for an atelier in which the work should take place very quickly.

A special quality that can provide the comfort of both a successful studio-store and the housewife of the house is the Karcher Si 4 Premium Iron system.

The advantages of the ironing system

There are several reasons to purchase an ironing system:

Increased use of operation;


Improved ironing quality;

The possibility of rapid use and a quick result.

It is not necessary to often pour water into the iron chamber to provide steam. The steam station is capable of accommodating up to 3 liters of water and provide for a long time to operate without an unnecessary waste of precious time. Also, thanks to the increased power of the submitted steam, thanks to the ironing installation, it becomes possible to smooth out even the most difficult things in ironing.

For even greater ease of use, modern models may assume the presence of several modes. They are customizable for the needs of a particular product.

Having an ironing installation with a powerful steam generator, you can not even use the ironing board so that things become neat and smooth. That is why I also often use it in clothing stores of well -known brands in order to preserve the commodity of things, as well as provide customers with the opportunity to leave in them immediately, after buying.

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