How to choose the right quality leather things

Things made of leather must be chosen with particular caution, especially if the galangter is purchased wholesale. Here it is necessary to view each thing separately, for damage.

Good skin should be pleasant to the touch, smooth and not have unpleasant odors. The skin, like suede, is divided into three categories, the highest grade, medium and low -grade.

Smooth, homogeneous skin belongs to the highest variety, such skin will have a rather identical look everywhere, it perceives the paint well, and usually painted well and efficiently. The skin of the highest grade is expensive, it requires professionalism for its production and bailiffs. Pants, hats, jackets are sometimes sewn from the highest grade leather. Such skin, although it looks beautiful, does not differ in particular strength.

Middle quality skin, look a little worse, it is more porist, a little rougher, but whiter with stresses, from such skin things are rushed for quite some time, it is difficult to damage. There is only one nuance, second -rate skin must be tinted regularly, its feature is that it does not hold its painting well. Shoes, jackets, raincoats and bags are sewn from such skin, any thing from such leather will be durable and wear.

The skin of the lowest grade is designed for sewing technical clothing. As a rule, such skin is quite rude and porist, but nevertheless it is quite strong and designed for strong hardy clothes.

There is still such a thing as pressed skin. Many people believe that this material does not apply to natural skin at all. However, if this is high -quality pressed skin, then of course there will be a certain percentage of genuine leather, which is mixed under the press with polymer skin.

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