How to choose warm clothes important!

For some reason, the opinion is often found that winter clothes should be cumbersome and uncomfortable. In fact, if you have not gathered at the North Pole, then winter clothes can be quite comfortable and beautiful.

In order not to wear many sweaters and not freeze in winter, you can try to wear thermal underwear. In such linen, the body warms very well, and you can just wear a not too thick sweater and jacket so as not to freeze even in severe frost.

Very often, all the inconvenience of winter clothing is created due to the wrong top. It is enough to buy a good warm jacket or coat, and immediately the need for several sweaters or thick sweaters disappears.

The down jackets on natural fluff, fur coats made of natural fur warmer well in the cold. As well as special heat -resistant jackets. Because the less clothes will pass cold air, the warmer you will be in it.

It is also important to warm your feet warmly. As a rule, we begin to freeze exactly from the feet. So first of all you need to purchase good warm boots for the winter. Sheepskin or Tsigeik is considered very warm, in such boots the legs will be warm and comfortable. Even in winter shoes there should be a good dense sole, as a rule, it is always a minus of any shoes.

Provide a warm convenient scarf for the winter. He will protect you from impulses of cold wind and will not let frosty air get inside the clothes.

For the winter, of course, it is better to lay off the shoes on the stiletto. Such shoes are rarely warm, and certainly will not be comfortable and comfortable. In winter, often snowy and slippery roads, so the ideal option would be shoes on a platform or stable heel.

Sweaters from natural wool will warm well. They are much warmer than their synthetic counterparts, because they enable the skin to breathe and not be covered with then.

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