We sew the blanket on our own features and stages of the process

There are many household items, life without which would be much more complicated. Among them are a variety of bedspreads: down and bike, colored and plain, blankets from the manufacturer or homemade. They warm us with a cold night, give comfort and good mood.

We bring to your attention instructions on how to sew a blanket with your own hands.

Making decor for the bedrooms requires some skills to work with fabrics and sewing machine. Nevertheless, if you are just starting to master the basics of needlework, then this technology will serve as a simple and good lesson to gain experience and realize creative fantasies.

First of all, it is necessary to correctly choose the basis for the blanket. Thick cotton matter and synthetic winterizer is ideal. If the fabric is monophonic, then the field for the use of creative ideas can be significantly expanded due to the application, manual or machine embroidery, mesh, etc.

Next, the dimensions of the product are clarified. As a general rule, it should be a little more bed. The thickness usually depends on the synthetic winterizer: 25 mm, 50mm, 100mm. It is better to cut it on a large table, and in its absence – on the floor.

Then, individual layers need to be knitted with pins, to prevent the spread of tissues and filler. On the upper part of the workpiece with a piece of chalk and the rinseed lines are planned: usually straight, but any attractive pattern is possible. Then a manual outflow occurs.

At the next stage, processing on the sewing machine begins. You can use threads in the color of the fabric or contrasting.

And the final moment is the sharpener. There are several ways, one of the most popular – to bend the upper and lower layers inward and sew, pressing the foot as much as possible to the edge of the product. At the same time, all shaggy tips will be inside the blanket.

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