How to choose cat food for what to pay attention to

Veterinarians advise feeding the cat with special feeds – this is beneficial and correct for the health of the pet. Dry food for kittens and adult cats contains all the necessary nutrients. Any store offers a wide selection of pets, so it is so difficult to find the right one for your kitty. By what criteria to choose?

Expensive or cheap food?

Feed foods are divided into four main species: ordinary cheap, commercial (advertised), premium and super-premium. The difference between them is in price and balance.

Economy class feeds are mainly not balanced and abundant dyes. Grounded feed in quality is slightly higher, but manufacturers abuse “chemistry” in them, which can harm the cat. In addition, the digestibility of commercial feed is much higher than economical. This means that cheap feed will be used by a cat more often and more, which is fraught with an animal entering the body of many unlucky harmful chemicals and obesity.

Premium food is very expensive, but they have good quality and satisfy all the food needs of the animal. Such feeds are balanced and learned by a pet of 90%. Such food will be consumed by animals in smaller quantities due to its energy density.

Feed for a kitten or cat?

At each stage of growing up, a pet needs to receive a sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals and calories, because at different ages the animal has different needs. In order to choose easier, manufacturers indicate on the package the recommended age of the cat and portions.

Dry or wet?

Choosing a feed variety, it should be remembered that you cannot combine them in one plate. The rest of the choice depends on the possibilities of the budget and the preferences of your and cats.

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