How not to make a mistake with choosing a salon selection criteria

Looking for a good beauty salon, you need to be very careful. Try to look at the salons catalog, as well as look for customer reviews about a particular salon. Often, even prestigious and expensive beauty soloons simply do not meet customer requirements.

Each master of beauty working in the salon should have certificates of the quality of his work, as well as diplomas about education and advanced training. Feel free to ask you to show you these documents, self -respecting master will not refuse.

The high cost of the salon does not always talk about that one hundred there. It often happens that masters specially overstate the cost of their services, because there is an opinion that since the salt is expensive, it means it is good. It happens that in an inexpensive salon, you will get around it much better than in a chic and expensive.

Also pay attention to the quality of the materials that the master uses on you. It should be high -quality proprietary drugs.

Be sure to look at the appearance of the cabin. This should be a neat place, possibly without unnecessary pomp, but also not a shabby building that requires repair. A self -respecting salon will never allow a bad appearance of its own building. Inside the room should be clean and pleasantly smell. If there are many visitors in the cabin and there is a constant record, this is a good sign, then this place is popular. And since many people visit this salon, then there is really good. It is alarming when the cabin is always empty, and there is a free record on any day and at any time, perhaps this salon has problems, and customers do not go there.

It is best to get one master, and only go to him. He will know all your features, and what you need. It is difficult to explain his needs to the new master every time.

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