Bathroom design how to literally choose the interior

The morning of the new day begins with the bathroom. Water awakens us from still wandering sleep, and a contrast shower leads to the combat readiness of even the most “sweet Sonya”. So that the morning mood is always on top, create comfort and warmth in the room with which your day begins.

A little fantasy and the bathroom turns into a beautiful, extraordinary place to relax, not devoid of warmth and joy of being in it.

Bathroom design is interesting and pleasant. It is very important that the bathroom is warm enough. Take care of this at the very early stage of work, the best solution will be the heating floor, you can also install additional heaters, the heated towel rail will also have to be very welcome.

The bathroom should relax and at the same time charge with energy, so the color of the walls is best designed in unobtrusive warm shades, and highlight some elements with brightness. It can be an original panel, furniture or some accessories. You can also harmoniously combine two shades. Make two or three walls light, and one contrasting.

The center of attention, of course, is a shower or bath. Bath manufacturers offer a huge selection of different forms and materials. And modern showers, such as IKA showers, can generally contain a whole SPA-Salon.

If you need to increase the space, then set along the perimeter of the mirror. The effect will be incredible. Also pay attention to lighting. It is good if it will be possible to regulate light from extremely bright to volume-romantic.

Cozy view and romance will give flowers. Clay pots with moisture -loving plants is an excellent addition in your bathroom.

Put the shells on the shelves, bed a soft rug on the floor, hang a terry hinge on an intricate hook with a dolphin or octopus and enjoy water procedures.

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