Braccialini handbags originality and immediacy

The female handbag has always been an exquisite accessory, emphasizing the individuality, style and sense of his beautiful mistress. Among the world brands that create masterpieces in this direction, for many years have been successfully standing out by its original approach to the development of ideas and an extraordinary manifestation of design, Braccialini company.

The history of this brand is connected with Italy, where in 1954 the talented and creative family of successful stylists founded the company. At the same time, Brachialini bags and accessories from the very beginning were distinguished by its originality, a variety of shape, color and texture. The developers set the task of highlighting products against the background of standard and familiar classical ideas. Their first works were made of silk and velvet fabrics, then the skin was added.

Bags liked the handbags so much that over several years the volume of products increased several times, and the assortment is growing every month. Fashion lovers can choose small clutches or painted portfolios, coin and wallets, keychairs and pendants for mobile phones. It is not difficult to find elegant shoes with exquisite clock and belt in the kit. And to them – sunglasses, umbrellas, scarves and gloves, in a word all that without which the life of a modern woman is simply impossible.

The 2012 season was marked by a new collection based on the Eastern Energy, the bags of which remind of the tales of “Thousand and One Nights”. In addition, a childishly touching and direct line of accessories in the form of animals, houses, butterflies and even cars is directly. A special place is given in the work – a variety of applications. There are also very feminine models with a popular lace finish.

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