How to choose a jewel for clothes Fashionista advice

Almost every girl loves and wears jewelry, she allows you to supplement the image, emphasizes individuality. Jewelry is a kind of highlight that makes the girl a unique, and her image is original and harmonious. Today you can buy jewelry in an online store and in ordinary boutiques in shopping centers. When choosing jewelry, you must take into account what you will wear with, since it should be correctly combined with clothes so as not to look ridiculous.

Such jewelry as beads are more suitable for various evening outfits and cocktail dresses with a round neckline. Round earrings are perfectly combined with beads in the tone of clothing or accessories. Jewelry manufacturers offer a variety of beads, they can be long and short, consist of large beads and small beads, put on one thread and several, so each girl will be able to choose for herself those beads that will like her and fit her along.

Beads can be made of various materials: glass, natural stone, wood, metal and others. For evening outfits, jewelry made of stone or glass is more suitable, for everyday wear you can choose beads from other materials.

When choosing jewelry, it is necessary to take into account the color of the outfit, for example, with clothing, which is decorated with bright patterns or prints, it is worthwhile to wear neutral monophonic jewelry, bright beads or earrings will be inappropriate here. For dresses, shirts and blouses with a V-neck, jewelry of geometric shapes is more suitable, for example, triangular or square earrings and a massive pendant.

Bright plastic jewelry goes well with light summer dresses, wooden bracelets and pendants are suitable for outfits in ethnic style, as well as in casual style, jewelry made of material for silver or gold are combined with a classic and business style.

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