Natural collagen for cosmetics why it is needed

Today the cosmetology market offers a prostrate selection of products formed on the basis of collagen. This protein is responsible for the beauty and health of the skin. In the body, natural collagen is associated with the formation of connective tissue. So, its presence in the correct amount will maintain elasticity, also elasticity, skin purity. The conclusion is simple – collagen can be considered a protein of youth.

Today, Polish experts were able to distinguish collagen from the leather of fish leading only in fresh water reservoirs. Moreover, it was possible to preserve the triple spiral of the substance.

Why do we need a collagen so?

With age, the process of generation is significantly inhibited. We begin to “wrinkle”, that is, get old. The replenishment of disbelied protein is possible in various ways, and one of the most affordable versions is cosmetics based on collagen.

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