How to make a cream for a body for your own

Sufle cream has a very unusual texture-creamy, soft and saturated, which literally melts in the hands. You can spill the Oriflame Ukraine catalog and choose the cream suitable for your skin type, however, if you do not have this, then you can cook time yourself at home. The main thing is to alternate the stages of whipping and abuse correctly.

To prepare a Sufle cream in a house, you will need unrefined oil and jojoba oil, as well as coconut, almond and apricot oil, alley-gel, vegetable glycerin. In addition, it is necessary to prepare corn starch, floral or bee wax, vitamin E and any preservative in advance.

Preparation technology:

– Melt the coconut oil, shi oil and floral wax to the soft state in a water bath. Beat the mass of the mixer well and send it to the freezer for a while.

– As soon as the edges of the cup freeze, get a container from the freezer. Beat the mixture again, having previously added alley gel. Then remove the cup in the freezer again.

– When the cream begins to freeze, take it out of the freezer again, whisk it, adding the remaining vegetable oils. Place the mixture in the freezer again.

– Repeat the stages of freezing and diving several times so that the result is a creamy, melting texture.

– Having achieved the desired result, add glycerin to the cream and beat again.

– The next step will be the addition of vitamin E, preservatives, essential oils and flavorings.

– At the end of the preparation process, pour corn or rice starch on top. Put the cream into a jar.

In the cream recipe, the proportion of solid and liquid oils is approximately 50/ you can experiment with proportions, and then your cream will be either more melting or more creamy.

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