Jersey fabric that it is features

Jersey fabric is a knitted canvas, which is created from silk, synthetic, woolen and other kinds of threads. Such fabric has a huge advantage, because it stretches very much, without losing its beauty. The weight of clothing from this fabric is very diverse. For example, if you buy a dress from silk jersey, then it will be very easy. But there are coats, jersey jackets woven with woolen and synthetic threads. Such clothes, of course, will be harder.

Name "Jersey" came from the island on which such a fabric was first created. Initially, it was made exclusively from wool. The first batch of clothing from this fabric made a very impression on people associated with fashion in those years. And in 1916, Coco Chanel herself had a hand in the development of Jersey, creating something new from it, despite the fact that the fabric was associated exclusively with the underwear.

The Vogue magazine published an article that stated what Chanel and Jersey had done. According to the magazine, it was she who made Jersey what he was known to this day. The fabric is really worth paying close attention to it.

It is necessary to care for this kind of fabric very carefully and accurately. It all depends on which named fibers were used in its creation. Natural threads and synthetic requires completely different care. But if it speaks of the material in general, then it can be washed in warm water, with things of the same color, as well as drying in the drum of a washing machine in average mode.

Jersey is a very comfortable and beautiful fabric that is very often used in the modern fashion industry.

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