How to choose a carpet in a children’s room criteria

The purpose of the carpet in the children’s room is the desire to protect the child from a cold in the cold season and injuries when falling.

The size of the children’s carpet.

Carpets are of different sizes and purpose. To allocate individual zones in the children’s room, it is better to purchase several small rugs (up to 2.5 kV. m.). You can place them in the game area, near the crib or cabinet where the baby is dressed up.

A medium -sized carpet looks great as a separate element of children’s decor or as a decoration of a recreation area. The size should not exceed 6 kV. m.

A larger carpet is bought when it is planned to use it for a long time. Such a carpet will become one of the main elements of the decor in the children’s.

Material of a children’s carpet.

The pile of a children’s carpet can be made of synthetic and natural materials or be mixed in composition.

Polypropylene and acrylic have hypoallergenic qualities. Synthetic materials also have good operational properties, unlike products from natural elements.

In most cases, natural pile carpets cause allergies not only in children, but also in adults. However, such carpets are more pleasant to help and are considered a prestigious acquisition.

In the nursery, you should buy a carpet that can be easily cleaned if it is stained with paint, plasticine, paste and so on.

The design of the children’s carpet.

Correct chosen coloring to improve the child’s mood. For children under three years, it will be useful to put a bright carpet with various drawings in the carpet so that they can actively know the world around them. Also take into account the taste of the baby, especially when it has already grown.

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