What is a mobile air conditioner how to use it

Когда летом жара на градуснике зашкаливает отметку 30, без кондиционера не обойтись. However, this does not mean that you will definitely have to purchase a powerful equipment in which the external unit will weigh up to 40 kg, and the internal one can simply purchase a new solution for your home or office – a mobile air conditioner.

Features of a mobile air conditioner

Mobile air conditioning is a compact household device, which in shape and size is very reminiscent of a conventional heating radiator. It also has the following advantages:

Utilizes condensate without the use of a overall capacity;

Suitable for use as a heat -tank;

It is made by the manufacturer in the form of a monoblock structure;

Easy to care for, for a long time does not require service;

It is easily transported due to low weight and small dimensions, as well as plastic wheels.

Why do not pay attention to the price when buying

Today a huge number of manufacturers of air conditioning systems are known. Experts note that according to statistics, the air conditioning system is installed in every third in Russia and every second in the world. You can choose absolutely any option that will completely arrange you according to your own functional features.

Various models can perform unequal functions. The price of equipment depends on their number. Also, the prices vary dependent on the brand of the manufacturer. Then you should not pay attention when buying air conditioners precisely for the price. You can find a cheaper air conditioner model with the same functions, only the brand will be less known on the market.

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