Fashionable women’s linen 2020 Features of choice

“Lower underwear does not happen” – so many girls think and are not mistaken! Everyday and romantic, modest and erotic, different colors and textures. And remember how many women’s stores are represented in shopping centers! And male? If one single salon of men’s linen is found-and then good! And all because men are more pragmatically approaching the choice of underwear. Although recently there has been a tendency to surrender conservative positions. But we will not deviate from the topic and consider the main shades and forms of the lower, which are popular in the new 2020.

The most sold out the colors of women’s underwear are black and white – two opposites that cause different emotions. The first is more sexy, the second is innocent and fresh. But other colors – saturated blue, brown and red look truly luxurious. Original prints and all kinds of bows and lace make linen festively beautiful and magnificent.

As for forms and sizes, it can be a mini-mini or short-both looks erotic. Such sets can be romantic pink and fateful red colors, and if there are lace and transparency, silkiness and all kinds of ruffles, one single spectator will drive crazy for which – and all this splendor is bought. All kinds of corsets and devices that give the chest splendor and additional volume and visually lengthen the legs – outside of competition.

An indispensable attribute of underwear as an instrument of seduction in 2020 will be stockings and belts – not a single man can stand before such an ensemble! Monitimate and decoration in floral prints are in fashion. But classic forms and less frank models remain on the shelves of stores for the joy of shy young ladies. But they also have lace inserts on the bodice and panties, which gives the image sophistication and sophistication.

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