Hidden capabilities of a small kitchen what to take into account

Kitchen – a special place in the house. Here all family members, relatives, friends gather over a cup of tea. Unfortunately, most of us cannot boast of the large size of this room. Nevertheless, knowing a few secrets, even the smallest kitchen can be arranged with taste.

Rational choice of furniture

It is important to use every centimeter of the area. For example, it is profitable to purchase countertops to order, covering the windowsill or space over a low refrigerator. Corner sofas with niches for the necessary utensils look good. Built -in technique is very convenient. The table can be replaced with a bar stand: it takes up less space, and it is easy to place a suspended structure of hooks and hangers for cups, glasses, glasses above its surface. In very small spaces, you can install a hinged table, it is indispensable and when you are receiving guests.

Small tricks

Using the windowsill as a countertop, it is not necessary to abandon your favorite indoor flowers. They are easy to hang in a pot or on special glass shelves mounted in the middle of the window opening.

Often often the front door closes the refrigerator or access to the cabinets. Sliding or folding sash will help to avoid this.

Visually increased space allows a glossy stretch ceiling.

When choosing the colors of the walls, remember that light tones: white, blue, light green visually expand the room. By the way, psychologists say that these shades also contribute to weight loss!

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