Feng Shui bedroom how to make an interior with your own hands

According to the followers of Feng Shui philosophy, the bedroom is one of the main premises in the house. Here the energy of peace and peace focuses. Therefore, it is desirable that the relaxation room is located as far as possible from the entrance to the house.

It is advisable to withstand the appearance of the room in delicate unobtrusive tones: light green, blue, peach or white. Today you can purchase not only wallpaper, but also bedspreads, bedding, pillows from the manufacturer and many accessories in a single style and color scheme. Red accents are allowed in the first years of marriage. This color contributes to the speedy conception of the heir.

Particular attention is paid to the position of the bed:

• try to lean the head to the wall, which will provide additional support;

• no sleep to the exit is allowed (this rule, by the way, exists in domestic beliefs);

• the pillow should be located in the north or northeast of the room;

• I would like the sleeper to be between the window and the front door;

• It is extremely undesirable for the spouses to lie on two beds standing nearby, and also to hide in small blankets. For the sake of happiness and harmony in the family, it is worth acquiring a large double bed.

What needs to be removed from the bedrooms:

• massive chandeliers;

• large mirrors aimed at the sleeper;

• Particular attention should be taken to choose paintings. The plots are undesirable, reminiscent of the sunset of the life path, for example, autumn landscapes. On the contrary, it is very good if the walls are on the walls of images with healthy and happy children.

• Large containers with water, for example, aquarium, fountain. This category includes paintings with the image of lakes, seas, waterfalls.

• Avoid sharp corners of cabinets and nightstands aimed at the bed.

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