Do you need a warm floor in the kitchen how to install

It is in the kitchen that you and your family spend a lot of time, perhaps even more than in any other room of the apartment. This is the center of the whole house, so it is necessary that it is in the kitchen to be pleasant and comfortable to be. In city apartments, the kitchen is usually one of the smallest rooms.

Now it is very popular to make floors in the kitchen tile floor. But such a flooring has a number of disadvantages. Firstly, such a kitchen is always quite cool that it is not very pleasant in our climate. In addition, when washing, the floor becomes slippery, which can lead to various household injuries. But this can be prevented by making a warm floor in the kitchen. Such a floor is comfortable and safe, it will create comfort in your kitchen and a wonderful microclimate, will drive a reliable and accurate heating system.

A fairly common technology in our time is the cable heating system. For modern housing, it is an indispensable attribute, since it has already been tested by time. In classic heating systems, a heating cable is used. You can lay a warm floor immediately under a laminate, parquet or tile. An electric warm floor can successfully complement the usual heating, and if the street is warm, it can replace it completely. In many European countries, warm floors are no exception, but the rule.

It is very important that you can adjust the temperature regime. Thermal controllers are inexpensive devices, moreover, quite simple in operation. Thus, you can easily adapt the floor temperature to the life of your family, and not vice versa.

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