Beautiful hair colors Rules for choosing paint

Modern woman does not always like her natural hair color, there is a lot of means at the moment with which you can easily. Change your native color, for any chosen, for example, white or chocolate hair color, for this it is enough just to choose the right paint.

Of course, it is better to conduct such experiments with hair in a beauty salon, where the master will accurately select the tone of paint for you and choose the most sparing hair coloring. But not everyone can afford campaigns in salons, sometimes you have to conduct experiments at home.

In order not to make a mistake with the paint you need to know a few simple rules.

• tones and staining levels. The first tone is the darkest, black, and the tenth will be equal to the brightest white. There is a table of tones by which you can determine what type your own hair belongs to.

• Never should you navigate the color indicated on the packaging with paint, use a special palette for this, but consider that the colors in the palette are initial only when taking into account your natural color, the result of dyeing already dyed hair can be unpredictable.

• Do not risk hair dyeing in colors that are brighter than your own for four or more tones, this can only be done after lightening, bleaching your own hair.

It is better to conduct a test for the result, paint one small strand and see what happened if the result suits you, then you can dye all the hair, or choose another paint.

You should not dye your hair too often, despite the fact that I write on the package what a useful and caring paint, it brings more harm than your hair, and hair burned with paint will never look beautiful.

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