How to equip a wardrobe room with specialists’ advice

More and more people today make dressing rooms in their homes. In this room, the bulk of the clothing and most of the shoes are stored, which is why the unoccupied space of the dwelling in the house is expanded. A few simple rules how to make a dressing room comfortable, comfortable and stylish.

Often there is not enough lighting in the room of such a plan. Therefore, first of all, make sure that there is enough bright light in the dressing room. Moreover, the chandeliers and low -suspended lamps that can be touched with your hands during changing your hands or hook the high cabinet door do not fit into this room.

A prerequisite for dressing rooms – the presence of a mirror, perhaps, is not one. Having placed mirrors around the perimeter of the room, you can see your own reflection in different angles. The easiest option is to place it in a wardrobe cabinet with a mirror door, which will look in the mirror, and hide the contents of the cabinet from prying eyes. If possible, install one mirror in the dressing room, but a large enough size in which you will reflect in full growth.

The dressing room cannot consist of only shelves, it is necessary to equip at least one cabinet inside, where small things and accessories will be perfectly stored: handkerchiefs, socks, belts, ties, jewelry and the rest. If the size of the room allows, install a chair, a toilet table or a beautiful chair in it. On the cabinet doors you can hang scarves, bags or hats.

When creating a dressing room in the house, remember that it is best for the exit from it to be made to the bathroom or bedroom, and not in the crowded rooms. The color of the room and its finish should be as simple as possible so that here you are admiring yourself, and not on bright walls.

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