Fashionable knitted hats how to choose a girl

In this autumn-winter season, as well as in any other, knitted hats have not lost their relevance and became even more interesting. A knitted hat is not only a headdress for heat, it can also become an interesting accessory that adjusts the shape of the face and gives expressiveness to the image.

Caps with pompons of different sizes and lapel are very popular among young girls, they give the image a shade of naivety and children’s playfulness and look good with a sports jacket or park. The lapel of such a hat can be highlighted in color, applique or embroidery.

For schoolgirls, knitted hats with three pompons are suitable. Such a playful element of style goes well with a sports -type jacket. Pompons can be attached to brushes associated in the form of a cone, or on pigtails.

Caps with a braid pattern that are well suited to a coat or a large knitted sweater are popular this season. Typically, such hats are made of light tones yarn, for example, from beige, gray or ivory color.

Some extravagant girls, and boys, too, prefer hats made in an animal style. A knitted hat of this type can reflect the image of a hare, cat, bear or panda. Such hats are Vryatli are suitable for everyday socks, but they can always be worn for a walk, on a rink, on a trip of a suburbs.

Some owners of long hair prefer hats with a hole, which have become a kind of continuation of the previously popular knitted bandage. Naps with a jacquard pattern are also very common, which will become an excellent addition to a voluminous jacket or down jacket.

These are only some models fashionable this season, in fact there are much more of them. The choice of hat depends on the individuality, image and style of the person himself.

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