What were the very first vacuum cleaners The history of the creation of technology

Today, such a household device as a vacuum cleaner is not something unusual. And once his creation was a real sensation. While humanity was still exclusively using brooms, the appearance of a device that can make a carpet clean in a minute – it was a real salvation.

The history of the creation of a vacuum cleaner

At the present time of developed technologies, there are many varieties and manufacturers of vacuum cleaners that can boast of their features and: for example, Miele vacuum cleaners will only help to remove dust from any surface on, but to do it quickly and efficiently.

The history of vacuum cleaners is significant with such events:

History is known for the first creator of vacuum cleaners. He became American Daniel Hessos in 1860. He simply called his invention: “The sweeper of the carpets”. It consisted of a complex suction system and a rotating brush. Interestingly, the first vacuum cleaner could be considered detergent. All dust passed through two chambers filled with water. Unfortunately, the sales market is a brilliant invention, at that time, it never got.

The next model of the vacuum cleaner, invented by Aves McGafni in 1868, has already become public. This model consisted of a container, fan, mechanism with manual feed and handle. At that time, its cost was fabulous – $ 25. Only wealthy people could afford a vacuum cleaner.

The first vacuum cleaner with a motor appeared in 1899. He worked on gasoline. John with. TORMMEN. It is he who is considered the prototype of the modern vacuum cleaner.

Today the vacuum cleaner is available to everyone. In a house with carpets, it is indispensable. There are also vacuum cleaners for cleaning automobile salons and upholstered furniture. In recent years, special robots-papers have been gaining popularity, which themselves monitor the cleanliness of the floors in the house.

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