How to choose dry food for dogs what is important to know

Health, longevity and excellent mood of the dog depends on its nutrition. The task of the hosts is to care for their pet, correctly choosing the best dry food for dogs, the largest in composition.

Dry feed types for human best friends.

It is important for dogs, like people, it is important to eat right, since well -being depends on this, appearance and health. Dry feed is most popular today.

Conditionally, all dry foods are divided into three types: premium class, for regular use, economy class. There are also dry and semi -dry feed, depending on how much water is contained in them.

The most balanced and safe in composition includes premium feed, as they contain high -quality meat, vitamins, minerals and additives of various kinds.

The most affordable feed of the economy class, but it is not recommended to feed the animal constantly, since most of them in their composition contain a large number of artificial dyes.

Than to be guided when choosing optimal dry food?

When choosing a particular type and brand of feed, you need to pay attention to several factors.

The age of the dog.

All feeds specifically indicate for what age and in what quantity this or that product will go the most.

The size of the pet.

Of course, you can follow the instructions indicated on the packaging, determining how much feed is put in a bowl. But it is better to be safe and discuss the volume of portions with the veterinarian.

Breed of dog.

Fluffy dogs need a diet rich in minerals that help strengthen wool.

The financial capabilities of the owner.

If possible, it is better not to save on your pet’s health.

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