Parquet from a massive board. Distinctive features advantages

The progenitor of all wooden flooring, including modern parquet, is a massive board. True, it was previously used in the construction of the cheapest buildings: summer houses, summer camps, barracks and sports halls. Now she returned to our country from the west and has become an elite flooring. Its difference from the parquet board is that it is whole and made of an array of wood. While the parquet board is three layers of wood glued to each other.

Now a massive board is often made of valuable wood species, in addition, it now has crests and grooves along the edges just like a parquet. The flooring of this floorboards can be joined very tightly. In addition to a wonderful appearance and the fact that the floor is warm, this type of material has some more advantages. One of them – the board can easily be painted at home at any color you like. You can also grind the parquet of this material many times. Another plus is its naturalness. When walking, the array makes noble sounds, there are no such ones when using other materials. This coating is also environmentally friendly, and it is recommended to use it in a house where there are allergies. In addition, the appearance of such a sex is flawless, it looks just gorgeous.

The disadvantages of the parquet from the massive board are insignificant. The main thing is the need to create some climatic conditions in which the cracking and drying of the tree is excluded. After laying, it is necessary to polish the floor and apply varnish or other special coating to it. And even higher cost.

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