Eliminate cellulite at home is real or not

To save money, some cosmetic procedures girls do at home. Starting from cleansing the skin ending with the pedicure. Body procedures are also no exception. Pilling, vacuum massage, chocolate wrapping today these procedures at home will not be difficult.

Also anti -cellulite massage. We will talk about him and talk.

The main rules for conducting anti -Cellular massage at home:

This type of massage should be performed with smooth and light movements, start slowly and slowly accelerate.

Body muscles should be completely relaxed and warmed up. Hands should not be cold and wet.

Use essential citrus oil or special anti -Cellular cream.

The whole process of anti -Cellular massage should last about one hour, at least once a week.

Always body massage is made from the bottom up.

Delicately carry out the massage of the abdomen.

The most suitable time for massage is either morning or evening, before bedtime.

Try to avoid damaged or irritated skin.

As for the methods of anti -estate massage at home, this is:





It is not difficult to become charming and attractive, but this will not require little effort. No wonder they say, “beauty requires victims”. Anti -Cellular massage, like any other therapeutic massages, the process is far from pleasant, but effective than just anti -Culul creams. Therefore, there is already a choice for you to visit a specialist (this process requires certain costs) or to overcome this problem on your own. After all, you yourself will significantly maintain your income with this problem.

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