How to make a redevelopment stages from the loggia

Happy owners of apartments with spacious loggias can expand the room of the living room with their help, you just need to decide what exactly you want to place on the loggias: an office, a game room for children, a gym. From the balcony you can also make a dwelling; To do this, it is necessary to glaze balconies on, sealing, insulation, supply them with heating systems, and, of course, carry out finishing work.

The loggias, as a rule, are already glazed, but there are exceptions, therefore we choose a way of glazing: wooden frames/Bezramic glazing, metal-plastic is the most acceptable option, since it fully helps to save heat.

The next step will be the sealing of seams, cracks, cracks with mounting foam or silicone.

Then we proceed at the insulation of the floor, ceiling and walls in the following order: vapor barrier-metallocarkas-coil. As the latter, foam, foam, materials with the base from moss are suitable for the latter.

The best option for the heating of the loggia will be "A warm floor" Or a small heater.

We start finishing work. "Sew" Lodge can be trailed, drywall, plastic panels. Of course, a small part of the space "It will creep", But without this stage, alas, you can’t do. The problem of lighting is solved by the acquisition of spotlights, because, as a rule, lighting devices like "serious" chandeliers are not appropriate here.

Of course, converting the loggia into a dwelling is a labor -intensive process and requiring considerable financial injections. But the result is worth it! After all, the living area is increasing, an additional space for relaxation appears, where you can retire from everyone. And this is much more valuable than the effort and means!

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