Wooden stairs in the interior whether to use

Klasik wooden stairs set the main topic to the interior, to give the placement of the original design style. Graceful wooden stairs of various shapes decorate any private house, introducing an atmosphere of comfort and comfort.

Modern stairs have long been simple designs, the purpose of which is to move from one floor to another. Today, a staircase made of wood is a work of art that sets the leading theme of any interior.

According to the constructive point of view, the staircase consists of alternating staircases and sites. Basically, designs with a two -minute span are used, which causes surprise, since their production is less costly and simpler. The staircase should be surrounded by walls of refractory material.

To rise and go down the wooden stairs is very convenient. The angle of inclination is of great importance when erecting stairs from wood. The smaller it is, the lifting and descent along the wooden staircase will be made much more convenient. Experts believe that the most convenient option is a tilt of 45 degrees. If the inclination is more than 60 degrees, then the staircase is not only not convenient, but also not safe.

In houses where people of respectable age and small children live, it is recommended to equip the stairs with additional fences and install a design with a small angle of inclination.

What a wooden staircase looks like and on where it is located, the type of room largely depends. The tree is considered environmentally friendly, reliable and beautiful material. Minus lies only in one – this material has a low degree of fire resistance.

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