Is it difficult to be a real woman what you need to know

Sometimes the girl’s life turns into a combination of poker, sometimes it is sometimes difficult to stay on the height where others were beyond the power. There are always too many requirements for a girl. You need to howl beautiful, dresses feminine and at the same time possess male logic. It is especially difficult to be a woman in a male circle. They, as a flock of korshuns, are waiting for the slightest failure from you to say their favorite phrase – “well, what can still be expected from a woman” and this is very insulting, and modern girls go to any tricks so that this phrase cannot be heard.

The girls today have mastered almost everything that men can, they wear trousers, drive a car and lead large firms. It seemed to be desired, but all, every ordinary man is trying with all his might to show that a woman is not good for anything. What are only offensive phrases about women driving. And this is despite the fact that on the roads most accidents are provoked by men, women driving are sometimes much more attentive and collected more than men.

As for leading positions, men also do not really love it in women. They come up with many offensive sayings and nicknames, the most interesting thing is that they do it, mainly men who have not achieved anything in this life. So it may not be worth it and pay attention?

A real man will only please the achievements of a woman, approve and try to help. Therefore, it is always necessary to remain yourself, and not to spend a difficult life on resentment and disorders of people who just envy you. On offensive phrases, you can just smile silently, they say, yes I am like that. And it is better to perceive criticism of your address as an occasion to think about what to fix.

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